Association the development of international partnership Baltic Region (Baltic Region) has top-positive image in the cooperation with the Turku authorities and international sphere of partnership.
NGO  Baltic Region is an independent organization which functions in Turku since 2006. The aim of the society is to facilitate the development of cooperation and contacts in different fields between Finland and countries of the former Soviet Union. Mission of the Baltic Region association is to develop and support international cooperation in  the  field  of  civil  society  development, culture,  humanitarian  and  professional  relationships.  Baltic Region Association preserves, protects and acknowledges  national cultural traditions, material historical heritage.

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The international public organization Baltic Region was established and registered

 in 2006.  The organization has about 400 members and has a network of more than 2,000 people (social network subscribers and email subscribers).

Board members have experience in project activities and good contacts with the target group.

 The organization’s projects are aimed at strengthening the welfare of members of the diaspora through the development of international projects and cultural events, as well as promoting the integration of Russian-speaking families into the Finnish society, helping them maintain their own culture and language.

 The board promotes intercultural cooperation and interaction with Finnish cultural organizations.


Aims and objectives of the organization:

- implementation of joint activities in cooperation with the authorities of the city

   of Turku and at the national level;
- Preserve the Russian language and culture in Russian-speaking families;
- to promote social well-being and the preservation of physical activity of citizens;
- prevent the social exclusion of single citizens;

- help reduce prejudice and rapprochement between Russian-speaking groups and   

   native people;


- to facilitate networking with representatives of the cultural, social and international habitat;
- contribute to the development and support of Russian-speaking families through the organization of sports, cultural, business and international events in cooperation with the city of Turku.



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