The Baltic Sea creates a shared neighborhood of nine countries and forms a common environment which has several remarkable characters to be highlighted when assessing international cooperation in general, but in more detail when analyzing internal security. Bilateral and multilateral relations between countries around the Baltic Sea form the very immediate and natural international sphere of cooperation.
The Baltic Sea is at the external borders of the Schengen area. Finland, Estonia and Russia are situated around the Gulf of Finland and share sea border. Moreover Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania share land border with Russia.



About us

The Baltic Region Association is a non-profit organization of citizens’ that was established in 2006. The Association has about 300 members. The association's network includes more than 2,000 people (Social Media and email list contacts).

Our mission is to promote cooperation and projects in various fields between organizations operating around the Baltic Sea Region and throughout North-West of  Russia. We enhance international cooperation between citizens, researchers, experts, public sector and environment sector.

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